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Comprehensive system for analyzing the growth of altcoins rates

The company's profit amounted to more than 2,000% in just 4 months of trading digital currencies! Methods of evaluating and predicting trends in growth rates of newly formed altcoins have brought the company impressive financial results. Therefore, it was decided to raise private investment in order to increase the capital turnover.

Favorable investment legislative climate

Recognition of cryptocurrencies as a new technology, a reliable financial vehicle and a powerful investment portfolio is demonstrated at the level of the governments of many developed countries. This undoubtedly guarantees further establishment of an even more positive image of cryptocurrencies and, accordingly, the emergence of new promising altcoins.

Fast-paced cryptocurrency market

The investment boom of cryptocurrencies, which has engulfed the entire world, just as the famous "gold rush" once had, creates unprecedented conditions for experienced cryptocurrency traders to obtain excess earnings. The best of them are part of CryptoSpace10.

Growth of altcoins rates

The CryptoSpace10 team actively engaged in trading little-known and fast-growing cryptocurrencies in May 2017. Some of these altcoins have achieved staggering results, rising in value by 1,000 – 2,000% between May and September!



10% Daily
for 15 business days
Amount spent
Total return:
150% (50% net)
Payments Days:


10% Daily
for 16 business days
Amount spent
Total return:
160% (60% net)
Payments Days:


10% Daily
for 17 business days
Amount spent
Total return:
170% (70% net)
Payments Days:


10% Daily
for 18 business days
Amount spent
Total return:
180% (80% net)
Payments Days:

Affiliate program

We appreciate the efforts of the company affiliates and generously reward them for their contribution to the development of the investment platform:
7-1% of the referral’s deposit, levels 1 and 2 respectively


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If you encounter problems while registering, crosscheck the details you entered. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support.

If you forgot your account password, use the «Forgot Password» option or contact our technical support.

A person is allowed to have only one account. If you violate this rule, your accounts may be blocked until everything is clarified.

The professionalism and vast experience of the CryptoSpace10 team enable us to secure stable income for all the company’s partners and investors.

We protect your personal data as much as possible. Our site uses DDoS protection, as well as SSL certificate authentication.

The company's investors receive 10% of invested funds as profit on weekdays and no accrual of interest on weekends and holidays.

The company's investment offer provides a simple earning formula. Your final profit will depend on the amount of the deposit according to the marketing plan of the company.

You can create any number of deposits.

The minimum amount is $10 and the maximum is $100 000.

CryptoSpace10 works with the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin.

We pay you your protit to that e-account you used to make your deposit.

The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $ 1.

Your profit will be paid into your account manually. The rules for paying dividends in the company do not exceed 24 hours. If there is a more than 24-hour delay, please contact our support team.

You need to verify your payment details in the «Account Settings» menu, and then repeat the procedure.

Your referral bonus will be available for withdrawal once your referral deposits money in his account in the website.

You can have a zero balance and still receive a referral reward.

In your personal account, go to the "Affiliate Program" section, you will find your referral link to invite new members.

The course cryptocurrency in the company is floating and at the time of creation of the deposit or withdrawal request, the average exchange rate for the main crypto-exchange exchanges.

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